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Are you completely overwhelmed and stressed out when it comes to marketing your business? Do you start to sweat when you hear the words Google Marketing or SEO? Over 5.4 billion people are online and it is harder than ever, right now, to be a business owner in today’s digital marketing world. You have to make big marketing moves working your marketing wheel to find and KEEP eyes on your business so you can reach your revenue goals.

So how do you save yourself from falling behind in the marketing technology world? Easy. You do the groundwork to optimize and automate your business for marketing success using tech tools that save you time and money in the long run.

I have a pocketful of tech tools that I, and my business, cannot live without. These marketing technology tools automate and streamline our content for social media marketing, email marketing and more, but the biggest tech-flex is they help me manage my time so I stay focused on task management deliverables for myself and with my team. They also allow me to view the data to track user behavior and see what folks are doing on our website which is crucial for business success.

My Top 5 Marketing Technology Tools are:

  • Google Marketing Tools
  • Chat Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Automation
  • Jira Project Management
  • Motion App Calendar

Let’s explore the 5 marketing automation and technology tools that every business owner should be using right now.

1. Google Marketing Tools (Looker Studio):
Did you know that Google owns 92% of the search market? (This is why we use Google’s wheelhouse.) My favorite Google Marketing Tool is Google Looker Studio. Creating professional analytics reports can be a tedious process and time consuming project. However, with Google’s Looker Studio, you can turn raw data into visually appealing, easy-to-understand reports, using powerful data visualization tools.

The Google Looker Studio Report allows you to change the dates to view certain time periods; view certain metrics on your website to see what the users are doing; see what pages are most visited; find out how long the user stays on the page; learn what users are clicking and more.

If you do not use Google’s Looker Studio Reports, you will spend a ton of time in Google Analytics (a separate Google Marketing Tool) going down the rabbit hole of confusion thus resulting in frustration and a poor user experience. (GoMarketU Marketing Agency can create Google Looker Studio Reports for you. Fill out our contact form here to learn more.)

2. Chat Marketing Automation:
Setting up chat marketing automations for your content strategy is a game changer. ManyChat is a master at creating Facebook Messenger bots that boost revenue while improving ROI for sales, marketing, and customer service. Over 400,000 businesses are served by the platform worldwide, and it allows over 1 billion business-to-customer contacts each month.

Creating chat marketing automation flows on Instagram and Facebook allow you to answer customer questions about your services, hours available, refunds and more. It creates opportunities to move qualified users down your social media funnel when they comment or DM your business to receive coupon codes, download guides or visit your website. It runs on autopilot so you can focus your time where it is needed.

Chat automation bots do the same thing on your website. GoMarketU Marketing Agency can set up your chat automation for Facebook, Instagram and your website. Fill out our contact form here to learn more.

3. Social Media Automation:
Spending 2 hours per week on scheduling your content saves you 6-8 hours per month compared to doing it on the fly every day. Social media automation makes things simpler for businesses to stay active on the internet by automating routine tasks like scheduling posts and reviewing social media analytics.

Automation tools such as, The GoMarketU Platform, enhance productivity and engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more, by doing everything from scheduling posts weeks to months in advance. You can monitor your messages and reply to them using this tool along with using AI to create captions and review insights through analytics.

The GoMarketU Platform is a powerful social media automation tool that every business owner needs. We offer FREE onboarding support and FREE tech support for our clients. It’s enterprise social media management at small business owner pricing. Fill out our contact form here to learn more.

4. Jira Project Management
Working with different team members and managing tasks is complicated. Jira is a free task management tool that keeps you on schedule. Jira, developed by Atlassian, stands out as a robust project management tool tailored for technical teams and software development, but any team can use.

They offer a FREE version. This is a game changer for businesses with multiple team members and multiple projects going on. Thank you to our team member, Rizwan, who suggested this for our team.

5. Motion app calendar
Motion is not just another calendar app; it’s a life-changing AI executive assistant and project management tool. Motion improves efficiency by smartly organizing events and activities by combining multiple personal and professional calendars.

With its efficient design, it helps professionals manage their time better and meet deadlines by ensuring that activities are finished on schedule.

My favorite perk using this AI calendar is that if you don’t finish the task, it will automatically move the remaining task to another time and reorganize your whole day when doing so. It truly is a calendar assistant. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this calendar!

I hope you found my Top 5 Tech Tools to be helpful to you as you optimize and automate your business for success. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to drop me a note on the contact from here to learn more how we can navigate the tech terrain together.

~Michelle Bixler

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