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Eliminate your social media marketing stress

Scheduling social media marketing content is time consuming and expensive for small business owners. MB Marketing Strategies helps business owners succeed by becoming their social media marketing teammate. We offer a one-stop-shop for brands to schedule content on social media platforms and access notifications for scheduling Stories on various social media accounts! What? Yes, you read right! We charge ONE FLAT FEE for access to post on the TOP SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS.
We’re a small business just like you with big dreams and little budgets. Our goals are to help you grow your social media presence, build brand awareness and increase your sales, not drain your bank account.


We don’t nickel and dime small businesses. We’re your extended marketing partner working with you.


What digital marketing services does MB Marketing Strategies provide?

#OMG – $129/Month

Social Media Marketing Scheduling Content Platform

  • Client Schedules Social Media Content on MB Marketing Strategies Platform
  • Access up to 11 social media networking platforms
  • Access to Social Analytics Reports


#ILY – $349/Month

Social Media Marketing Scheduling Content Platform

  • Client Schedules Social Media Content on MB Marketing Strategies Platform
  • Access up to 11 Social Media Networking Platforms
  • 15-Minute Strategy Session with a Social Media Expert (Beginning of month)
  • Social Media Marketing Monthly KPI’s set by Social Media Marketing Expert
  • 15-Minute Social Media Content and Analytics Review by Social Media Expert (End of month)
  • Access to Social Analytics Reports

A LA CARTE: Content Creation (we create your content)

$200 = 20 posts.

#TGIF $599

We create, schedule and monitor your content’s performance.  This includes submitting a content intake form, reviewing monthly analytic reports and includes a 1-hour monthly consulting session.


Social Media Marketing Strategy Package


  • Brainstorming session 1-hour
  • Streamline the company’s vision/mission statement in the social media strategy
  • Set goals (the outcome the business hopes to achieve)
  • Set KPIs (metric to let you know how well you’re doing working towards that goal)
  • Content calendar template
  • Schedule tracking goal/kpi analytics
  • Service/Product Roadmap
  • Strategy Summary/Outline



Nano & Micro-Influencer Packages

Did you know that 2 out of 3 consumers trust influencer messages about a brand more than the company’s advertising? We offer our small business clients a variety of options to use our in-house agency of nano/micro-influencers to promote your products and services on various social media accounts.. Small businesses build customer loyalty and improve their brand’s social proof when they work with micro-influencers and nano-influencers on our team. Influencer strategy has amped up due to the pandemic and 74% of people use social media to discover products and make purchasing decisions.

Email us for #BFF pricing at:hello@mbmarketingstrategies.com


We do not create your content. Small Businesses must provide the content for influencers.

  • You can purchase influencer pngs and reuse it for your own content directly.
  • You can hire our team of influencers to promote your product/service via social posts, stories, live, reels, highlights, etc.
  • We run B2B and B2C contest giveaway campaigns with our influencer network that drive brand awareness, growth, engagement and sales. (Case studies available for clients and purchase along with how-to guides and a social media marketing kit.)
  • Monthly subscription services get discounted influencer pricing.


Nano & Micro-Influencers

  • Work with us to build your portfolio by contracting with our small business clients.
  • Grow your followers partnering with our client and marketing network.
  • Sell your own products/services by promoting your content to our network.
  •  Schedule your content on our social media scheduling platform to grow your followers and provide social proof on your personal brand.

Let us help you grow your influence while you help small businesses grow their influence.

#IRL – $549/Month

Influencer Marketing Strategy Package

Did you know that 2 out of 3 consumers trust influencer messages about a brand more than the company’s advertising? Build brand awareness and grow your social following by partnering with micro-influencers and nano-influencers that love what you love.  You can now build trust between your brand and audience creating valuable content for your brand by working with us.  We find the right influencers for your small business’s products and services while establishing social proof for your customers with an influencer strategy plan.

Influencer contracts and payment are not included in this price and are managed separately.

  • Social Media Market Research
  • Influencer Strategy Plan
  • Influencer List
  • Influencer Outreach Strategy


#TYSM – $299

Social Media Marketing Audit

Does your small business health need a marketing checkup?  Are you overwhelmed with social media marketing? Do you have social media accounts, but do not know what to do?  Whether you are a B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) brand, our social media marketing audit will build a solid foundation using the best social media practices to drive brand awareness, increase engagement and improve sales.

  • Business Marketing Toolkit included (Digital Download @ 29.95 value)
  • Audience Insights
  • Channel Performance Review
  • Content Performance Review
  • Publishing Schedule
  • Referral Traffic
  • Competitor (3 Profiles)


#ILYSM – $99/hour

Marketing Consultant Services

This is a 1-hour marketing consultation to answer any digital marketing concerns and discuss the client’s social media marketing strategy along with reviewing their marketing plan.  Marketing consulting service topics depend on the client’s marketing needs.  We love to talk about your ideas on an awesome social media strategy or influencer strategy along with lead generation, email marketing and google analytics, just to name a few.  Our marketing team has extensive knowledge in digital marketing and follows the latest industry tips, trends and reports for all digital marketing topics. 


The digital marketing world is complicated and changing all the time. Our social media marketing tips, how-to-guides and tool-kits are great resources for you at an affordable price.  Get your team up-to-date on social media marketing with easy resources and relieve your social media stress.

We do the social media marketing research for you to make your life easier!

#NBD – $29.99 (1-time Download)

Social Media Marketing Toolkit 2021 Includes:

Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

Social Media Marketing Checklist for Business Owners

1-Page Social Media Marketing Plan Template

Buyers Journey on Social Media

Top Social Media Trends by Industry Experts


#IDK -$29.99 (1-time Download)

Content Strategy “What to Post” Deck

Learn how to use content buckets so you can find easy topics on what to post and how to engage with your audience.


#IRT $29.99 (1-time Download)

Stories How-To Guide 2021

Learn the best practices on Instagram Stories and apply it to TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


#HMU -$49.99 (1-time Download)

Social Media Algorithm Tips

Learn the best algorithm practices for 2022 by reviewing the 2021 Social Media Algorithm Hacks.  


#FOMO $49.99 (1-time Download)

Instagram For Small Business

Learn the best practices for small businesses about posting on the feed, Reels, IGTV, Stories and more.

(Coming Soon)

  • Faith Through Fire (501c3 organization) hired GoMarketU because we realized that is was important to raise awareness of the work we do to support others, but also knew we wanted to focus on doing the mission. We are big believers in having the experts do the work so that it is done right! We take great comfort in knowing that our audience is growing through our social channels which means we are able to reach a greater audience who will then know about our services. We highly recommend using GoMarketU Agency to manage your content and social media!

    Faith Through Fire (Nonprofit Organization)
  •  I needed help to increase my online presence to assist in client engagement & business opportunities. GoMarketU Agency provided me with the necessary strategy, professionalism, knowledge, and assurances to move my online business forward. GoMarketU Agency met my challenges and over a course of a few consultations, consistent posts, and content creation we have increased engagement and identified my firm as a leader in quality assurance services.         It is my pleasure to recommend the services of GoMarketU Agency! There is no necessity to fully comprehend an online presence, or worry what your next posts will be. Michelle and her team at GoMarketU Agency take you through every step of the way and implement a successful campaign to bring your identity online!

    Chawn S. Director of National Sales (Geotechnical Engineering & Quality Assurance Services)


MB Marketing Strategies is a boutique influencer and social media marketing agency based in the midwest and west coast.   We live, eat and breathe all things social.  You could say we are socially obsessed. Digital marketing is time consuming, complicated and noisy.  We help businesses stay on top of the social media marketing game.

Our partnerships consists of various industry experts in website design, Google Analytics, content creation, user interface, user experience, blogging, SEO, keywords, digital marketing, email marketing, graphic design and more.  Accessing our professional network saves you time and money.  Talk to us below to access our marketing partners.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest social media and influencer marketing resources. 

All social media marketing audits and service packages require a signed contract. A $100 set-up fee is required for #OMG, #ILY and #YOLO packages.  The Business Agreement Contract is emailed to the client via Docusign.

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